Bo goes to Hollywood. Day 1

Day 1
Flights are short, connection in Copenhagen, total trip to Fort Lauderdale (FLL) is about 16 hours.

Did you know there is Hollywood at FLL? :)
Arrived at the airport. Passport control as usual, no less than 30 minutes. Soon after the officer found out my green card was in california – i was sent to immigration office to check my file. Of course there were a lot of people already dealing with their issues – somebody “lost” their card, somebody forgot it, somebody just got dumped by wife thus losing the green card.

After a while  (about an hour) I was let through and answered a couple of questions. Yay, I escape the airport!

Then thankfully I was picked up by a fellow friend from my country and got to my hostel. A little walk to local 24hour shop and back to sleep.

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