Day 3

Wake up at 8am, did some work related stuff and decided to go swimming. Went to the beach but to my surprise the water is still quite cold. Ok ocean, some other time. Got back to hostel and jumped in the pool which was ok. Took a walk around the neighbourhood, inspected some property sales and rentals as id like to joun the real estate business, i notice that owning an apartment is crazy just because of high monthly maintenance fees. Ok back to hostel and do some work and apply for some jobs, I will need some huge cash to start living here lol. Lets see if i can handle a couple months here :) couple hours later i get first call from potential employer. Waiting if they invite me to interview. Spent the rest of my day looking for a car to buy. But then found out it is ridiculously confusing and expensive to register for the first-timer! Im tired of this shit. Jet lag kicking in, very sleepy by 8pm already. Got a beer, talked to a fellow from Italy and girl from Switzerland. Then decided to fight my sleepiness and went to pool. Then discovered that i cant get drivers licence or anything without ssn, but need my green card to get an ssn. So i check the usps tracking and it says “was not delivered. Will be returned if enough information is available”. Here we go america! And then i discovered that everybody had gone to sleep and i left my keys in my room which now was locked. Awesome. Good thing the guy at the office was still around and 30 minutes later i got into my room. Fuck this shit, terrible day.

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