Day 4

Woke up and while having breakfast I met a french guy at the lobby who was going to get his Social security number. He let me drive with him, talked about a lot of stuff, he also just moved here and will move his family to florida in couple months. SSN application went fine and they said my SSN was never issued before though I had applied for it back in January. That is good, at least I wont have to deal with identity theft issues. But my green card is still mising in the post. I found a car for cheap that i want badly but it is far away and i need to get drivers licence and bank acc. and a lot of paperwork to register it on me. It is weird that I need to get Car insurance BEFORE I can buy a car – how fucked up is that? The french guy told me i dont need a car to get a drivers licence as he never did a test drive anyway. But I need a bank account to prove I have an address. I am sorry but who made up these messy laws? If I remember correctly I have already mentioned in various applications four different addresses in US that I have never been before, why would a bank account prove a correct location lol? The french guy went to Boynton to his work (where the car i want to buy actally is) but I go back to my hotel cause the checkout is in 15 minutes. It is raining ouside, im totally wet, I get on the bus and here we go again – the AC – it is freezing as hell.
Spent the rest of the day on craigslist, sent couple job applications, and browsed for info on how to get a drivers license. Its not so easy. On the evening booked a hostel in south beach, cheaper and closer to action :)

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