Day 5

Today is Formula D practice day. But I cant make it, its 100 miles away and nobody is going on friday there. Anothed guy from hostel got a car and took me to DMV office to get a drivers license, but oh yeah I cant get it because I have no social security number. Wtf. Ok so now everythiing is set back another 2 weeks which means I could have a normal life with a car and job no sooner than in a month, if my funds allow to buy a car and get an apartment.
Went to Bank of America, got an account and debit card. The cheapest option which is 5$ monthly fee. It will also serve as proof of addesss.
40min ride back to hotel, the bus is freezing again. Oh god how I hate the air conditioning!!
Checked out of the place and went on a 3 hour bus trip to Miami. Went through east and central Fort Lauderdale – omg it is beautiful there! Really, makes Miami beach look like a ghetto!
At FLL some Jeraey guy hopped on the bus, young and a bit foolish, that was my first impression, trying to run away from his home to stay out of problems. His target was his cousin in some restaurant but ended up staying in same hostel as me, cause he did not know where he would go at all..
The new hostel is actually new, opened 2 weeks before, and receptionist is a girl named Simona coming from Lithuania! Had a nice chat. In my room there was a hyperactive guy from Australia, a blonde girl from Sweden and some weird guy from Jerusalem. Oh and during the night some local black guy joined. He says he works with club promotion but I think he’s just a weed dealer, he talks too much.
Bought 12pack beer and watched the Heat game, Miami beat Pacers by large! And fans in the arena, wow!
After the game we sat outside, drank some beers and vodka coctails and went to a club the black guy told us he’d get us a table and vip entry. When we wanted to go he just disappeared. So we went to the club Cameo, stood at the entry for half an hour. We were the only whites there. They let in only ppl with friends in staff so we jest went away. Oh and entry was 80$ :D went to some pub, played pool, got myself a Jack and went back to sleep. Near the hostel I asked some french guys a lighter, one of them insisted that I say “please”.

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