Day 6. Formula D

Formula Drift day! Woke up with terrible headaches. Yeah i mixed it, but it is second time i drink beer here and feel its eating my brains out. Anyway, there is no public transport to the track. It takes 3hours of public transport and then an hour of walking – call that Miami-homestead Speedway :D I arranged with a friend that I go to Miami Zoo which is close to  the track and then he’d take me there. I chose a route that takes on various kinds of public transit – omniloop, which is an automatic electric train around the downtown, metrorail and couple buses. Timing is quite ok, probably because its not the rush hour. Down south the buses even had their own dedicated road and we just flew past the traffic, nice :)
Drift event. The reason I moved to florida. Nothing surprising or mind blowing. But definitely not disappointed. Just disappointed in myself as I missed the schedule to apply for media pass to get closer to action and get some nice pics/videos. Quite large event, lots of tuned cars around both in and out of the eventa at parking lot. Met some of the guys I already knew from Florida, met the suspension guru Mike Kojima at Falken team pits. Too bad their BRZ for Dai Yoshihara got engine problem just before qualification and they had to quit. In the top16 got only one driver of my professional interest – Ryan Tuerck – who also happened to participate in my home country last year. But in the first tandem runs he lost to Chris Forsberg. Then I just walked around, enjoyed the hot sunny day. And I got burnt a bit.
After the event me and a friend I know and his girfriend went to a nice restaurant in downtown Miami. We had been there before back in January and no disappointment despite their price increase over a few months the soup was just awesome and worth it! Definitely my favorite place in Miami!
They dropped me of at Bayside where I went to visit my friend from my country. Talked, laughed and then went home as she had to work early morning.
On my way back I accidentally stepped out of bus too early as I just misunderstood where I am. But I was on the very south of Miami beach. It was saturday night so I decided to check out how it is going on Ocean drive in the summer. Other than the huge masses of people nothing had changed. Same clubs, restaurants, drug dealers and homeless people. I got offered mariuana and cocaine every couple minutes.
It was a long day so I just went back to the hostel and passed out.

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