Day 8

Interview day
Just after I woke up I received an email my interview was postponed from 1pm to 4pm, ok no problem, I dont have anything planned anyway. It was a windy day with ocean waves higher than 1m which is quite rare on Miami beach, so I went there. The red flag was on and nobody was at the beach except for a dozen of kite-surfers. I need to learn how to surf and kite-surf!
Went to the interview, I had to fill out a couple of pages about myself and previous experience. It was weird, never done that except filling my LinkedIn online resume. The interview was quite okay, nothing I coulnt or wouldnt do. Of course I’d like to buy, repair and sell cars as there is quite a lot of potential in doing that, but I still have no social number or local driver license that would allow me to register cars. Lets see how this job turns out. Salary is ok as expected.
I am hardly walking as my foot injury from go karts racing 10 days before still has not healed and I dressed well including the shoes, which make walking painful with the injury.
Back to south beach…
I still cant believe how bad is the internet on smartphones, at least the Metropcs (MetroPieCeofShit) prepaid 4G. Just terrible. It wont work on the bus, on the beach, or anywhere where I have time to spend and fiddle with the phone. Getting different carrier asap.
Returned to hostel, swedish girl and australian guy had left, but new guy in room – Q, from Chicago. He said he is opening transport business soon so we talked about some job opportunities as i am a car guy. As soon as he found out I got some cash and want to buy a car, he started offering me some dirty shit like buying phones and laptops for cheap to sell. I was out of cigarettes so I went to shop and he kinda went to sleep, but my mind told me something is not right so I took a picture of my bag to remember the positions of all zippers. I just remembered what some street guys from Ocean drive taught me – locals don’t steal, its a lot of “tourists” from places like Chicago and Detroit that come on short trips and rob travelers. And surely enough when I returned the zippers were totally off and Quinsey was walking around the room a bit stressful. First big lesson – South Beach is a jungle. Ok, keep an enemy close. Told him about my lifestyle that i dont have much cash, my laptop is old shit and i need to work a bit on websites to get some money for living. He really insisted that I take a look at the phones I should buy and sell. He said that he even would go buy the phone (from his friend who imho doesnt exist) he’d go to a club and sell it and give me a share of profit to see how easy it is. Yeah, eat shit mo-fo. He went off but asked if I could lend him money some 20 bucks, I gave him my “last” 5 usd and 10 eur. Keep an enemy close, he’s staying here for a while. When he left i checked my bag if he hadn’t taken anything, my heart didn’t beat cause i couldnt find my passport. But it was there, found it. Phew. But our room was joined by no one other but Carl , the little black shady guy always talking too much. Also our room was joined by tall 55 year old black guy Rich from Boston, with piercings all over. During the evening we met on the patio and laughed all over some stories over our life, nice guy. I left and went around shops and searched for a big lock as the small luggage ones wouldn’t fit the construction of lockers in our room, took an hour to find.  I’m quite sure I need to leave this place for Freehand Miami – considered the best hostel in south beach, with pool, girls, parties in backyard and 20 blocks away from SB jungle. With a little bit peace of mind I went to sleep.

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