Day 9

Woke up at 9 cause thats when Q returned. He said he’d bring me money a couple hours later from the ATM. Whatever. A bit later the guys from hostel came to ask whos staying whos paying. I went out to ATM and paid. The weirdo guy from Jerusalem was thrown out because he didnt pay and didnt talk at all. So he spent rest of his day on the patio. Carl left. Another guy was thrown out cause he was on some drama asking discounts, wandering around the city at night while his stuff was inside. He looked fresh though, nice new clothes etc, but really lost, like ran away from home or smth.. A new guy joined us, some kid from Queens, NY. Left his stuff on bed and went into shower. When he came back I told him all I know so he doesnt throw his stuff around unattended, its jungle here. Q came in, took his stuff out to the lobby saying his account is blocked and he’d bring me cash later. Oh yes he will lol. I spent a few hours in the lobby talking with Rich, night shift receptionist and Simona who came for her day shift. We just laughed about all the weird stuff going on in SB. Oh and we learned that mr Q had stole some of Rich’s drugs. Rich said that if Q uses them he’d probably go straight to the grave, but most probably he’d just sell them.
I had arranged meeting with my friend, she was in south beach for doctor’s. But hours passed, I fell asleep and she didnt respond so fuck it. I went out to walk around Lincoln Rd and write smth here. I love it here, calm, restaurants full of people and really nice girls everywhere. I guess Im missing relationships, last two years were quite bad and full of drama, but well deserved, karma taught me a lot. Oh I got a reply from a webdev shop I accidentally ran upon in North FLL and sent them message on FB, but just didnt have the mood to walk in then. So now they might offer me some projects to do, sounds good. I hope, I really like part time jobs rather than full days at the office.
Pizza shops on Lincolns smell so good and make me hungry, gotta run away from them :D 10pm, going back to work some more or talk to Simona if shes still doing her shift. I like chatting with her, she’s even into electronic music, lounge type. Hopefully that Q motherfucker doesnt return, told Simona to send him to other room if he does. Oh I got weak, bought a hot pizza at 7eleven. Talked to Richard for a couple of hours, that dude is awesome, hadn’t laughed like that for quite a while, knows how to enjoy life and has walked a lot of great miles, he’s even on IMDB for helping out for a movie of his friends! Fun at its best.

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