Day 10

Woke up late. Thank god Chicago guy didnt return, though he had been at the hostel during the night but they wouldnt let him in because he was getting aggressive already.
When I sleep longer than 8 hours I wake up really tired and lazy, really hate it. so i spent my day on the beach. Figured out my green card envelope is still in Miami post office but it has lost its address sticker, we will try to get it asap.
When I got back to hostel, I received my vape ( how do i call it? E-cig? Vaper? Geez i hate the word e-cigarette) so I went to local vape shop for liquids and spent another hour there tasting various e-lliquids, got an invitation to two vape events in following days. On my way back filled myself with Subway soup combo. Back in hostel I was still in lazy mood, and the Jerusalem guy is driving me nuts with his weirdness. He asked Rich to go to the shop. It was the third time today. But Rich helps out just for fun. The Jerusalem guy said he’s on some heavy medicine so he eats only fruits and drinks milk. It took 20 minutes for the weirdo to decide what he really wants, so in the end it was 3 bananas and white coffee with no sugar. He’s counting every cent. In Miami. So we went to the shop , laughed every single second, brought everything back and left. The Jerusalem guy ( may I call him “the Jew”?) suddenly ran out and called for me. Ok so I walk back and he asks if I can take a little sip of his coffee (I think he asked Simona the same a couple days before), he thinks that somebody wants to poison him. Get outta here! I aint taking a sip out of your voodoo shit lol. Its already too much that we live in the same room!
Day is over, hadnt done anything worthy today. Gotta wake up early tomorrow, I dont like this lazy feeling, Miami is not cheap.
Got myself some chocolate cookies and muffins and cider.

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