Day 11

Missed breakfast again.  Went for a late breakfast to Diner’s on 11th and washingtons with Liene. On my way saw 2 Gumball cars. Took some draft beer hopefully I get a tasty one, no luck again. After breakfast I took a walk back through the beach, gosh my feet were burning in the sand! When I get vack at hostel which is between Lincoln Rd and 17th street I get a message there is Gumball3000 going on in Miami (Miami-Ibiza) on 5th street, so I walk back again looking through Gumball pics on Instagram that happened to be an hour before. Walked all the Ocean drive and 5th street but no sign of any car so I’m just way too late. On my way I was busy with my green card sruff. To keep out all the drama I’ll just say, it is off the post office and I will pick it up in the following days, when my social number arrives at the same address.
Battery arrived for my laptop, finally I can go out and work. While the new battery was charging I just wanted to kill some time so I went to the vape shop to get a new tip – mine is quite chewed already lol. The tip turned out to be 26 usd, about the same as I got my whole vape kit. Its more than two bottles of juice. For a tip. Ugh. The good news is I havent smoked a regular cigarette today. Yet.
With laptip charged I went on a walk again – to Freehand Miami hostel backyard! I love that place, so many locals even go there to chill by the pool!
Miami Heat finals game 1 tonight. But cant find any company, so went up to our TV room and there was Kenny, ex basketball player. Game was tough, 23 turnarounds, but in the end Miami lost.
Smoked 1 cigarette today, the e-cig is weak and hard to pull. Cigarettes taste bad but there is something attractive in that bad, aint it?
The Jew was thrown outta hostel, so no more mysterious fun

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