Day 15

Day 15
It was supposed to rain but it didnt. Packed and went to the beach. I convinced my friend Liene to join, but as for a female it took her some 3 hours to get to south beach lol. I finally bought JBL Micro that I planned to get months ago. I also found out that the tourist electronic stores are terrible scams, they wanted to get 250 from my for a speaker that costs 134 at Radioshack store 2 minutes away.
Spent the whole day at the beach, finally went swimming for the first time, water is amazing and warm! I did get some of the salty water in my eye which is really not pleasant. There was a dolphin swimming really close to the beach, that was a nice surprise! While I was swimming some type of 2 feet long needlefish passed by me which freaked me out a bit. After the beach we had a dinner and went home. I spent another couple hours in the vape shop showing Cecile and Jason where I am from and what we do in our small poor country to have fun, they were quite amazed.
Another couple hours on the patio talkin to Rich and went to sleep. No work again. Oh and not a single cigarette today – first time in some 7 years!

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