Day 21

Got my bike a soft saddle cover, went to Bayside to visit my friend and have a lunch. Overall spent about 2 hours cycling today, feeling good!
The finals game in San Antonio. Went to a german bar because I really wanted some good beer. Beer was probably one of the best you can find around south beach. But they advertised to watch the Heat game finals and while i could watch the game the sound volume was too low. I asked the girl to turn up and she did it but then somebody turned it off so that we could not hear anything at all. They said they couldnt take orders. I could clearly hear the game from another bar (Groovy’s) so I just went to the other bar.
Miami lost this one so the finals are over. Spurs deserved the victory, Im just surprised how funny is the coach of Miami team, seems like he just doesnt kniw what to do. Anyway second place for Miami Heat is great achievment.
I really need to move somewhere. Maybe New York?

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