Day 42

All I can say is hangover. The first time I really needed sunglasses to cut the sun. Went to chill by the ocean. No music, quite nice waves today.

Another lazy Sunday. Spent the day just chilling outside the hostel. In the evening girls invited me and D to go to Ocean drive.


We were lazy but nothing to do really so we went and had quite a laugh.  Girl from Canada decided she wants to go inside the Clevelander. I never carry any ID around as I don’t go to clubs on Ocean drive.  So I was not let in. D told the girls we pick up my ID and come back. He told me that when we were on our way back to hostel.. We didn’t return as I don’t really enjoy places like Clevelander. Felt bad to not tell the girls we won’t return but I didn’t have their phone numbers and had to go to sleep before working week. I did drink a coctail before going to sleep and the girls returned just when I was talking to another girl from the hostel.  They just walked past by and refused to talk.. Meh.

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