Day 50

Wow 50 days. Woke up and all my body is aching. I guess I took workout too much yesterday.
My girl friends kinda forgot to call me, while we agreed to go to zoo together.


Work hard :)

Went to work at Hiro’s. Everytime I go there I eat more and faster. Still I make money faster than I can eat it, so it’s good for now :)
Took a nap during the day thinking it would help me do work better but it didn’t. The daytime naps never work for me, I just get more sleepy.
It is quite shocking for a guy like me coming from a poor country seeing all these kids at age of 16-17 drive brand new cars, bragging n shit, but by the end of day they cant afford to put gas in their cars because the car is actually on payments, on their parents name. Well you’re lucky that you have some financial stability  and have some fancy toys but then cry on the internet that you have no money to spend on daily stuff?
Employer texted me that I should get to office in the morning, but still I went to liqour shop and got me a 1.75 liter whiskey. I’m european I guess. Dyring the evening there was a car crash in local parking lot. Some valet guy drove backwards with an SUV and crashed into dodge and bmw. He had cut his feet badly, no idea before or after the accident. In 20 minutes in a slow pace arrived the emergency. 20 minutes later they switched on all lights and sirens and hurried off. Probably about to get they guys insurance…


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