Day 58

Received my new vape tank – YouDe (UD) AGA-T7, huge tank, hard to rebuild (actually build us easy, but rewicking is a mess), filling is through a hole, not fond of it. But the clouds and flavir is awesome! Well worth it!


Went to work. Hiro’s sushi place was full so I decided to walk to USPS to find out whats up with my “refused” package. They said its been sent back to Vegas. Fantastic.
On my way back I found Cafe di Mauro which is part of “Welcome Center” in south beach. I was recommended to try lasagna there so I did. The place is like a library with computers and tables.


So I sat down and worked and ate my lasagna. Was good but not the best. Fresh orange juice was good though!
Went to Hiro’s to work some more.


Went back to hostel and to my surprise my “refused” ebay package was at the front desk, wow! It was a vape “starter kit” ( Ego V3 mega + protank 2 mini, so sexy looking kit!) that I bought for B. She was out for work. I spent some time working till late night when B arrived, she needed some dry herb that I got for her along with the e-cig present. She is really happy about it :)
And there I am, 5am lying on king size bed, next to bad girl, high on Special K, both eating 7eleven sandwiches, we aint, just watching the time fly by in Miami. Like a married couple just without any booty stuff but having lots of fun. Done with coffee, Im back to work for a little for myself in hopes this can make me a living someday. I aint gonna be a programmer for life earning 100 bucks a day. Then again, money is safety, fun, but it’s not happiness.

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