Day 62

While I was out chillin I saw the gangster wannabe douchebag leave with bags. I noticed he had one black bag which was a bit out of his usual poo color style. An hour later some dude came out and asked if I saw anybody take his red bag. The manager asked me to watch the reception table while he was watching camera records. Cops came over. It turned out the asshole I hated stole a bag straight from the lobby.
I went around south beach trying to find him but wouldnt succeed. I just wanted to beat his stupid face for being around a place we feel like our current home.. Later he turned in the passport from thr bag but checked in the bag and flew away from Miami.


I went to the beach to catch some sun. So many beatiful girls on the beach like really everybody’s on vacation here.
Went to vape shop to fix my flooding vape tank and make new coils..


Spent the evening chillin on the patio and drinking..

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