Day 65. Nameday

Its my “nameday” and I receive a lot of greetings from home which is nice.
Breakfast and work at Hiro sushi express…


Talked a to my friends over skype, whatsapp, so work went slowly. Basically to do 5 hours of work I need 8 hours at least. I have a timer that I suspend everytime I eat or do something else.
For the last days I do 80% work during the day and then continue in the evening, really I need a break to settle things down in my brain and it works. What doesn’t work is that I have to think about work all day and can’t focus on anything else.
The vape setup I thought I would keep:


Left: SLB 1300mah Ego v3 Mega battery with Kangertech Aerotank Mega (rebuilt protank2 coil). As a loflo backup device.
Right: Dovpo E-LVT BATTERY (18650 with microusb charger, 25w max, 0.5ohm min res.,not retail (15w)) with YouDe (UD) AGA-T7 rebuildable tank (single coil mode 26ga 0.8ohm). As main highflow device.
At this point I get more than enough clouds from the UD and I feel I am not getting anything more, until I find some compact DNA mod clone, if one becomes available for reasonable price (e.g. Lexi DNA or Mamu Stealth or PiColibri Pyra). I am too busy to tackle with drippers and mechanical #mods changing batteries. I need something SMALL&LIGHT, calibrated, MICRO-usb rechargeable.

And just when I thought I would keep it like this, I sold the left ecig setup to my friend working at the hostel.
Yes the hostel – I dont think I am leaving it soon. I get so many friends and connections here I wouldn’t have met if I had an apartment. I will keep it here for another month at least, the location is awesome. Yes, south beach smells like shit, full of bums, dirty, shit happens everyday, like some guy was stabbed tonight on Lincoln road and my friend gave his shirt to help stop the bleeding. And B got into a fight with a stupid gay guy from the hostel. He’s going to be kicked out. Anyway I enjoy South Beach Miami, otherwise I wouln’t have anything to write about, except work?
Spent my night drinking and working on laptop outside. And B brought me late dinner which was super delicious!


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