Day 79

Pretty common wednesday. Work as usual at Sushi and later at hostel. Tried to work as much as possible and did 6 hours. In 24hour day. My job is a real problem, it takes most of the day to do just 6 real hours. And I don’t enjoy a single minute of it, except payday.
Austrian girl came back. She was in Key West for 2 days. And found her german stalker in her bed with her clothes on. Well that is sick. The stalker came to our table and started talking by herself. It took 15 minutes to get her away, I threatened her many times. Her homeless black dude who is not staying at the hostel was standing by her and I just couldn’t wait for him to open his mouth. But he wouldn’t. Smart piece of shit.


My last evening here. The owner went after pizza and never came back. Flew back to his home country during the night.

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