Day 80

Its check out time. Packed my belongings.
Finished my Jack Daniels with coke so I wouldn’t have to take it with me. B called the hotel I had booked several times for early checkin. She said noone responded, then someone reaponded and she argued because they wouldn’t speak english.
We set off.


Leaving this place after 70 great days...

Driving to the hotel I received email from saying that the hotel is oversold and we can’t stay there. Wtf. Called to the hotel and they said they have a few rooms free. Turns out B had pissed off them so much on the phone that they cancelled my booking. Just great. Arrived af the place and B went to “fix it” by booking a room by herself. With my cash. The room was dark, smelled a bit of idk what. Only small lamps that wouldnt light up the room enough.
Went to Publix to get groceries for 3 days. I stepped on scales and wow I hadn’t gained any weight since in USA! The Sushi diet certainly worked well! On our way B had to stop by her old friend to pick up weed.


At the hotel I started working but barely did 2 hours. My head hurts from the AC, we cant live together, B needs ~68F, I need at least 74F.
This is a black area. Full with drug dealers, cheap hookers on the road, crackheads, and traffic rolling through. In the evening they all come out and it becomes a bit scary. My only remedy is the fire station with some cop cars on the other side of our building.


Murica turned me into a racist in no time. Went to sleep early.

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