Day 83

B didn’t arrive and said she will be later. But she didn’t arrive at all.
It was checkout day so I had to book additional day so I could stay there and our stuff wouldn’t get thrown out.
Tried to work but the internet was terrible so I didnt bother. When it was working I spent time learning about newest digital cameras and photography tips. In september I have to take action pics in dark which means the best cameras will get the best photos, the photographers will not matter as much.
Finally jumped into pool, wow the water is so nice, not salty as in Freehand or ocean or wherever else.


Went to the store. People on streets still terrible. I hate this neighbourhood. Met some guys staying in yhe hotel that are cellebrating on of their birthdays. They were waiting for some girls to come around. They did at some 1am or so, I just spent time on computer. Nerd.
My back hurts, the beds are terrible (too flexy, can’t lie down straight).
Lazy day.

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