Day 123. Disaster

Kind of. Went around Miami to shop for some parts and repairs. It was in Wynwood and thought this could be a cool background for the beamer..


And just minutes after the pic the reverse gear of transmission stopped working. Googled around and its a common problem for these BMWs. Fixing reverse costs more than the car :(
Drove around Miami, experienced what its like to be in the typical Florida rain shower when cruising on highway – scary!
Went to Dolphin Mall for dinner with my friend.


So unlucky for the car. Filled up tires for my bike, parked the car in city garage (rolling in spot backwards downhill) and cycled back to Freehand. 2am still full of people. But I dont like this place. Its like a fancy party with some jazz music and where is fancy party there are ho ho hi christmas girls. Hate the atmosphere. Most people speak spanish and are not from the hostel..

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