Day 124

Cant think of anything else but the damn car, how unlucky I got. Went to South Vape, the owner gave me a ride in his 5 liter Hyundai Genesis, fast and luxury. They also got lucky to rent a private backyard parking spot right in the heart of southbeach for 50 bucks, now that is real gold!
Took my bmw for a drive to do some pics for junkyard sales, went to Pelican Island. The place was criwded with people pulling out their boats from water.


Driving in sport mode the car is fast! I love it! Its just it has so many gremlins under the hood that it doesnt justify the cost of keeping it. Found a parking spot near Freehand and walked to Sushi Express for dinner. I have a bike and a car but I am walking 15 blocks lol because Freehand location is just nothing and I dont want to lose the parking spot, I paid 20 usd for city parking previous night.

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