Day 132

Was supposed to be the first day at the office but employer postponed for tomorrow. Again I worked just for an hour or so. But I did work on my own pics a bit. Im almost finished just need to write an article – the next event is in two days so I’m terribly late. Talked to a friend in the car club about potential events and promotion of his car and my website. I need to work on that more, it is one of the main reasons I wanted to come to USA for.
I really need to work more on my life and career. At 30 ot is getting harder but also much more important so when I look back at my life I have no regrets. So far I have just one big regret – dumping the best girlfriend I had a couple years ago so I just wrote her a message to say thanks for being with me almost 5 years while I was a total jerk.
I need to take bigger risks and responsibilities and work harder. But at the same time I have to do my job to pay the bills. Hard to find balance.
Anyway I didnt feel like having a lot of time to meet the chicks from Taiwan as I showed them quite a bit around in 2 days and just cant get too close, everyone is leaving Miami sooner or later and it gets sad. But I still met them while I was cruising the streets – I actually wanted to met the bulgarian girl but she was quite busy at work. Parked my car near Freehand and chilled outside the hostel with the owner. Also met the owner of Caffe di Mauro where I work sometimes, he came here to meet the lithuanian girl working at the hostel. Finally Miami gets small lol.
Drinking with the owner and his friends


One thing that is very different in Miami and USA is that most problems and arguments are resolved with police. if there are problems with any customers, people call police. Like one weird girl ( oh ive lost the definition of weird, americans are generally crazy) she was tjrown out yesterday from here by police. Yeah cop cars took all parking spots so I had to park elsewhere. So today she came back and the owner just instantly called police. Thats how people deal with problems in USA because if you touch anyone you can go to jail fast.
After few beers just went to sleep.

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