Day 133

Was raining all night I guess as streets were flooded. Took the girls from Taiwan to airport. Another sad goodbye :/
Traveling makes me a nicer person, I cant deny it, everytime I meet someone in Miami I spend my time and money to make their journey fuldilled and show around, even if I see them for the last time. Seeing different cultures helps getting rid of negative thoughts and learn the positive.
Went to the new office.


As of now I will be spending each day at the office and spending couple hours a day commuting. Its fun and plenty of adrenalin rush on the highway but the engine will probablt die fast or I will lose my license as I am already doing couple drifts here and there on the streets.
In the evening spent couple hours installing music box for the hostel. Left the emergency blinkers on so my car is not towed and it drained the battery. Quick advice – stopped a taxi, they do jump starts for 10 usd.
Parked my car on 24th street. I heard it’s going to be wild tide tomorrow, hopefully my car will not go under water :/

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