Day 134

There I am, having a routine job and commuting almost an hour each way.
Changed my car keyring – present from the cute Taiwanese girl..


Work is boring. Hostel owner keeps asking me about my work and wants me to work for him but not sure what. And I also understand he is not willing to pay the money get from my current employer.
Everyday some crazy americans come in hostel to just talk something weird. Im always running inside to save the naive asian chick from being abused :D
Did a quick visit to vape shop and sushi bar as I hadnt been there a while..
Btw the princesses of Taiwan reminded me of a thing I dislike about the Beach… they were surprised that all girls wear high heels. Let me add that they also expose their asses like prostitutes. In many cases its not far from truth. Reminds me of one quick cigarette talk with a businessman in Downtown Fort Lauderdale when I was moving to Miami 4 months ago, he said – you really don’t want to be there chasing those fake b**ches. Indeed it disgusts me. But then again I would never meet the many people Ive met here from all over the world.

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