Day 147

The big depression – rain. I can feel it even in sleep. Everytime it rains it hurts my head and I can’t work. Still many probably would enjoy this weather but I’m not, it’s eating up my time.


Went to vape shop a few times.
Went to visit bulgarian girl. She decided to leave USA next year. Giving up. She’s illegal and her boyfriend is not a resident.
Worked for a few hours but I am lazy again, most of the time I spend reading about BMW repairs and upgrades.
The girls that lost her bag attacked the front desk guy. Talked for hours in english then in spanish, I just left to my room, I couldnt listen to that. I understand that it’s a terrible bad luck for vacation but it’s not the fault of every person they meet at the front desk who has no control over what happened. They also talk to every police car that stops by. Nobody can help. What they did wron is they didn’tclaim their bag was stolen by other girls, that would bring their bag way faster.

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