Day 148

Woke up with big black rings under eyes. Employees thought I got in a fight but it is just from using bright laptop at night in dark room.


Got 7/11 coffee and finally suspension parts for my car arrived so I went to install. It worked. Lets see if it fixes the problem completely or temporarily and I have to waste another few hundred in other parts. For the 6 days I parked car in public garage I paid 121 usd. Ridiculous.
Some people seem to be poorer than me


Worked for 20 minutes at Sushi express, but couldn’t continue as it was quite cold inside.  Moved my car to parking lot and it started to rain. I fell asleep for couple hours. Wish the rain would end but it wouldn’t.  Walked back to hostel – new parts had arrived for my car. The window regulator so I can finally fix the leaking window. But not today, have to work. Finally. Did 5 hours, its just horrible how programming can be boring to free minded person like me.
I still owe 5-6 hours for previous two days. Since I didn’t go to office this is just worse.

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