Day 154

Went to a service shop in North Miami to change oil for the car. I went that far because that shop has a terrible website that I could possibly improve. The guy was very helpful diagbosing other hundreds of problems the car has. Overall I paid 25usd for the labor which is real cheap. I paid 90usd for the oil and filter yesterday.
Spent most of the day looking for a place to work. And I forgot my bank card in an ATM so I had to order a new one that would arrive in a week. Gotta be careful now with the little cash I’m left with.
Ended back in south beach as I was really hungry. Picked up salad and smoothie at Sandwicherie, parked car and worked.
One of my female friends texted me to untag her from all my pics. Are you kidding me, can’t you find a normal guy that is not jealous and won’t forbid you anything? I ain’t spending my time on this drama.
Another femake friend invited me to drink beer with her husband and friends, so I finished work and left off. Pizza and beer games! I ended up staying at their place. Others were more drunk than me and still drove home. Americans just are so used to drink and drive wow.


My friend ended up breaking her iphone

My friend broke her iphones screen. I still don’t know if she did it on purpose to get the new iphone 6, but her husband thinks she did it intentionally :)

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