Monthly Archive:: October 2014

Day 126

Im terrible. I didnt work previous night and was lazy today too. Car’s driver window is acting up – cant close it and rain is dropping inside. Went to the BMW junkyard got some parts and fixed the door – finally I can lock my car! Took a lot of hours though.
Moved to BedsnDrinks.  And parked car near the Freehand.  Bummer.


Went with girl from reception to sushi express and wanted to stay there and work but got very sleepy as I hadnt eaten anything all day and this was too much..

Day 125

Woke up early as I had to remove my car from parking ( had to push as someone parked in front of me in restricted spot) and I had to meet my friend L. But she was busy so I set off cruising auto shops. Two people called me to see the bmw as I posted it for sale for 1400usd.
I fixed window switch issue, partly fixed central locking and found a gearbox for 900 incl work. I start to like this car even without reverse I get in weird situations..
Thinking about dropping another 1.5k to finish the car and drive myself. It is way out of my budget but it is so nice to drive even it eats me alive on the low mpg.. decisions decisions. Met my friend, she asked me why am I driving a big engine BMW that I cant get parts for and why not some VW. Well I dont need a car for transportation at all. Moving around in a taxi is way cheaper. But I enjoy driving RWD/AWD cars even if there is no real use or street drifting in Miami. I like the feeling that any given second I have power under my seat and the V8 roar through a unmodified exhaust is just awesome!
We went to jungle island. A lot of people literally live on the water.  Also a lot of boats are sunken.


Had to work but skipped – spent evening drinking beer with local bulgarian girl by the pool. I understand its not quite right thing to do as she has a boyfriend. But I am also doing a favor, they almost dont meet at all, maybe her boyfriend will start paying attention to her.
Tried to work in car but fell asleep lol. At 4am went to bed.