Monthly Archive:: November 2014

Day 180

Had to work a lot. But also arranged a photoshoot for one guy. It was quite nice experience!


bmw e46 in Miami

Then workwd on my regular job til 8 in the morning.  Some hooker type gir asked if I can give here a ride couple blocks just because. Yea right.

Day 179

Went to my friends car shop to do photos.


Tried out the mini cooper 1977


This thing is spacious inside!
Asked the fuys to do a burnout while other car would drift around. No problem!


Was fun day doing what I like.

Day 178

Friday. Doesnt ring a bell. Out of paid work but lots of stuff to do.
In the evening we had car club meet in Doral. I have to repeat again how bad is BMW and fixing it in USA. My window wipers cut out right on the highway in the middle of rain. Good that I know stuff and fixed the relay part. After fixing it I noticed a girl at the bus station and offered a ride. Its rain and wind so either way she agreed and we had a nice talk. She is from europe. Maybe we will meet again sometimes.
Car club meet. Food and beer at BJ’s. Quite nice place, packed, lots of great food and not expensive


Its snowing in my home country.  Still I arranged that my friend picks up my car and starts fixing it. I want to make sure I have somthing fast to drive if i return and also it has great sell value.

Day 177

Thursday. Really nothing special. Trying to get my things together. Im on my very last money. Welcome to the USA struggle.

Day 176

Spent the whole day working in my car. Working on pics from team building and other random stuff. Feeling like christmas as I received 3 packages from ebay :)
Keep reading forums about bmw problems im facing. This is getting boring.
my laptop fell out of the bag straight on the ground. Parts flying and frames splitting. But put together and its working. Props to IBM/Lenovo!
Some dude from hostel is either terribly drunk or drugged. Fell in the bushes


Agreed with girl from front desk that we should rent apartment together, so she will be looking for one. I was hoping that my friend and her husband would rent me a room for short term but they dont answer my messages for a week already.

Day 175

A friend from my country happens to be in Miami and is leaving in a few hours. Havent met him in past 10 years. I picked him up from hotel and showed around south beach and had lunch at Monty’s.
BMW lost brakes. Rear caliper is sticking and boiling the fluid. Driving carefully.
Took my friend to airport and had to go to office. My employer is forming a team for his project so we had “team building” with beer and pool game.
After that I went to Brickell to pick up a few parts from craigslist.


Even this pic is floating around facebook again, its getting really cold and rainy.

Day 174

Spent a lot of time trying to fix this website publishing as I couldnt upload anything for a week and had to redo a lot of stuff. Worked a bit on my own projects and finished processing miami auto show pics.


Pagani huayra at miami auto show 2014

Some girls from my neighbour country arrived at the hostel. Quite nice

Day 173



Arranged meeting up with a guy that sold coils for bmw on craigslist. We met a bit up north, replaced coil and it was good. Exchanged contacts as he owns a car shop and some bmw parts as well.
Got a message from one bmw guy, he liked my pics and wants to do a photoshoot of his car. Cool :)
Went to bulgarian girls workplace to use some internet, met Rich from back in the day. He’s somewhat street living but still can afford to stay at hotels and doesnt play scams on me.
Back at the hostel met Mark that I know from sushi place. His japanese wife had arrived so we had a few beers. She wants to introduce me to her daughter and marry her :D
Needed to work on the auto show photos. Outside was really windy and rainy so I worked in my car. And passed out. Went to bed at 4am or smth.

Day 172

Wanted to go to Sunrise (40miles away) to my friends shop but the car started misfiring on my way. So it was time to do some maintenance. Replaced spark plugs. On one side. 4 cylinders out of 8. Engine full of oil and plugs and coils were flooded. After 3 hours it was dark already, but car was still a bit misfiring, so I have to replace a coil.


This pic made my decision when I moved to US this year.. Read an article about why one should move to another city/country and start fresh – its all fun and really develops. But its not easy. Feeling broke in a new world, no friends to go to, no “significant other”.. Its loneliness and struggle that I go through at the moment. Feeling like giving up everyday and just go back. It really kills all the comfort. It kills connections to family and friends. Reinventing yourself in a new world is like picking up a new hobby, but youre not sure you like it or want to work on it, but there is no choice or going back. It is way more work than ever at home. Its tiring and at this point would say id never do it again (cause its tiring), but I also dont regret and its worth it. For sure it has been one of the hardest turns of my life.

Day 171

Friday! Worked for half an hour and the project was done. Time for Miami Auto Show!
It was actually quite boring compared to auto shows we have in europe. I used to participate and it was much more fun. This was just like one big dealer lot.
There was lamborghini covered all in paper printouts “Do not touch”.


I thought it was funny. But then I went to BMW booth where they had the new BMWi8. While I was taking pictures I noticed that every single person tried to open the locked door. I mean its not a supercar but still it costs 140k. Everyone was messing around it. its really sad. Obviously too many people are seriously retarded. Just because u paid 15 bucks for expo doesnt mean you can touch everything you see. Now I understand why people tell me the auto show is boring compared to early years. Its just too tiring to deal with these monkeys, so nobody brings their cars to the show. I am not even talking about parents letting their kids run their licky fingers all over the cars. Its grown up people they just go and smear their hands all over for no logical reason. When I left I loudly yelled at the “current” asshole trying to unlock the door. He got scared.


I liked the new Jeep. It still looks like 30 years ago but full with new tech. 4 doors, more effective engine and economy, “convertible”, really “american”. If I had creditsxore I would probably get one on payment and finally start working for Lyft.
I was still at the show when it closed and took pics of exotics.


when I left I didnt see any person in the hall and just went out through unlocked door. Interesting.
After the show I went for a ride down to Coconut Grove. Well I didnt like it, really small town, couple bars and clubs and weird people around. I saw a fight on streets even I was there for just 10 minutes.
The BMW is crazy expensive to have and if I had known I wouldnt get it. At the same time I love powerful cars :)