Day 159

Really lazy. To keep up weekend tradition I picked up a croissant and salad from La Sandwicherie and went to Haulover Marina to eat it.


Visited Newport Pier in Sunny Isles beach


newport pier at sunny isles beach

Set up a pizza&beer Sunday evening at my friends house.  Before that I went to a car meet. Saw on Facebook that a guy from my country is at FLL airport waiting for his flight in the morning so I picked him up and went to carmeet. He’s living in Cancun as tourist and needed to leave for 3 days so he went to Jamaica living in real jungle :D
Car meet was small, like 15 cars, mostly lowered (low&slow as I call them) but met there a guy that is serious about cars so we had a talk for couple hours.


Took my friend back to airport, picked up a few drinks and went to my friends’ house. After pizza and couple beers I just passed out.

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