Monthly Archive:: December 2014

Day 215

Had a nice lunch with my friends and then spent the rest of the day fixing a big dent on my BMW door. Its far from perfect but definitely better.
My friend from my country who now lives in NY is now on his way to Miami driving by car to celebrate new year.
I get really tired lately, guess Im just getting old. Want to by sleeping all day or just watching TV. Have to really push myself if I want to make something out of living in Miami.


Want to drink coffee and work a bit but its 4am. going to sleep so I can wake up and live with the daily beat of Miami and get some money.

Day 214

Lazy Sunday. Worked a bit on pics and invited car friends to meet at the Sandwicherie. Beach is packed, new year is coming!


la Sandwicherie

Went to hostel to drink some beer and talk about the project we are doing. Then cruised the beach for a while. I just love driving my car, even its about to break down!
Returned home and my friends husband was outside with his colleague drinking beer so we had a chat. When his friend left we still talked outside till 5am. Hes having a hard time with his wife as she is a bit immature. But also found out she has had a tough life and childhood.
We drank a lot of beer.

Day 213

Time for a car event.
My friend was supposed to pick me up early in the morning but I didnt hear him call or send messages. When I woke up he was already out. The carmeet was in 3 meeting points so I went to second one. Then followwd the group to third one and got lost on the highway following the wrong car lol. Arrived at meeting point, jumped in another friends car and we set off for the “rally” cruise to Palm Beach. Took a lot of nice photos along the way!


Arrived at target location, lots of fancy cars, restaurant was at really nice location on waterfront


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Overall was a really nice day!
At night I had to pick up one guy from Sunlife stadium and bring him to the hostel. Its some kind of electronic music festival Life In Color where everyone gets splashed with color. Then tjey go to parking lot all covered in color to be picked up by parents/friends.

Day 212

Friday. Nothing interesting.
me and a guy from local car club are starting up a car project online. It is going to be a lot of time and effort to get it done but I think I have a lot of past experience and my friend has a lot of connections and we gonna make it. Im just tired of doing stuff I dont like ( programming boring sites).
Loving the weather!

We spend a lot of time talking with Korean girl. Best time is when i am just cruising around city and I have skype in front of my window. Shes in Atlanta and the weather there sucks big time.

Day 211

Christmas morning. Feels weird that outside is warm summer, no snow. Feels like cold and snow is some 30 of christmas must have.
I had a reservation at hostel to bring some asian girl to airport. Basically I would profit some 5$. But I agreed just   to keep things moving. When I went to the beach – the customer never showed up. So basically I just wasted my time and money and Christmas day.
We built a backyard patio! Nothing fancy but super sufficient!


Forgot to mention I have upgraded to new vaping mod – SMPL clone for 15 bucks! Its not perfrct but its definitely great!


Day 210

210 days in Miami. Actually more since I was here in January when I got approved for greencard. Anyway 210 is the minimum amount of days one needs to be in the states every year to not have problems with immigration offices.
Talking to korean girls over skype all the time.
Of course I talk to girls from Taiwan, Russia, Turkey, Brazil too.
Christmas eve. We are having big meal with some friends coming over


After the meal I just passed out as everyone predicted. I got some presents from the family and felt really welcomed.

Day 209


Preparing Christmas decorations, our main quality inspector.
Found out I cant work for Lyft, as I need to have a US drivers license for at least a year. So I cant do it until september 2015.

Day 208

Woke up and headed to the beach. Korean girls had decided to go to FLL airport by bus and didnt realize it would take more than 2 hours. They would miss the plane and stay longer. But of course I took them to airport. Since we had some extra time I skipped boring i95 drive and I brought them on the A1A to show all the beaches and North beach islands. They loved it. At the airport it was just sad moments and tears.


Its terrifying to say goodbye but thats the life Im living. At least I am blessed to meet such sincere girls and spend a few days having nice memories.
The weather is amazing in Miami, past weeks have been just perfect sunshine.

Day 207

Carmeet time.


Took some cute pics which means a lot more work.
Ok my first chicken wings in US. With a tasty beer.


Picked up girls to bring them to downtown.

Had some customers to bring to airport so I left the girls to enjoy downtown and brickell.
In the evening we went to 100Motanditos with one of my friends and had some nice time and laugh all together. Finished evening at Moshi Moshi sushi place near Espanola way.
Spent an hour in my car just listening to music and talking. The girls gave me a present – 2 letters with message inside and each of them did a drawing of me. They are so sincere, Im gonna miss them!