Day 186

Its been 6 months since I moved to Miami. Single life is terribly depressing. Missing friends and family and my dog. Always broke, sleepless nights, always behind schedule, having second thoughts, the rat race to survive takes a lot of energy and gets really really tiring. I mean really tiring. And looks like i wont be able to afford a christmas trip home to get my dog and many of my plans and timing have failed. I think my fellow friends in usa will agree that our home country is like paradise and freedom and very easy to survive compared to this craziness. But I dont feel like moving back yet or giving up either. Cant really stay still (which seemed endless boredom back there), I adapt, learn a lot and enjoy a lot and invest everything for my passion and hobbies and for some parts its working really good. im still quite lazy and not pushing myself to limits. This could have turned out to be amazing life if I didnt do couple stupid decisions in past, but it is what it is. No regrets, there is no turning back, just hard lessons.
Saturday but Im not going out even if one of my favorite deejays is playing at the Story nightclub. Im broke and without a job.


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