Monthly Archive:: January 2015

Day 247

Was supposed to work at the bar but got cancelled so I stayed home, went to post office, worked on laptop. I have a bad tooth and it hurts so bad I just went to sleep. I hope it stops, otherwise I will have to find out how much credit I’ll need to take in this ridiculous country for anything medical..

Day 246

Worked at hostel and back home. Nothing special.

Day 245

Chilling at home. Accepted the offer for work at yacht sales. Have to start work in a week.
Worked on some pics, need to finish all albums before starting fulltime work.


Yesterday I ate one hotdog, today I had 3 big meals at home. Just sayin.

Day 244

Worked at hostel.
Had a call for job interview. Basically they want me to work for them for a yacht sales business. 25/hour before taxes fulltime. I might accept this one as I have a lot of payments ahead this year.
Did some late night programming work and passed out on the couch.

Day 243

Had arranged car service today but they were busy. I guess I have to deal with situations like this if I want to save money.
Except for editing some photos I did absolutely nothing good today, just browsing facebook and instagram and watching TV till 4am. I am so horrible. I will definitely lose my programming job now as I have been ignoring it for 4 days.
Remembering the russian girl gives me depression thinking how bad I want relationships.


Day 242

Went to hostel to do some stuff. In the evening worked at the bar. Having good time at work that doesnt pay much. Whatever.
Evening – barbecue at home. Getting pretty cold outside, 55 F.


Day 241

Russian girl J left. My face expression is stone cold. Its like I dont have anything. seems like I am getting used to seeing another great person leave at the airport. Maybe thats what makes Miami people so cold or ignorant because most are just on the way, left their home country and now trying to survive in this mix. Its heartbreaking seeing her go.
While we spent most of the time taking photos it felt very close and comfortable.
Spent the rest of the day and night making promo video with the girl and our cars from the photoshoot. Turned out nice!


Day 240

Had to finally work but didnt do much. Went to the beach to do some stuff at the hostel. There were 3 guys from my country, all of them talking to the russian girl J. We went to take some pics..


Suddenly car photography became boring!


She had a few photoshoots before so I believe it was super easy for me, we get along quite well and didnt have to talk much to get good shots. I definitely need a better camera and brighter lens.
We went to sandwicherie to take a croissant and back to hostel. As soon as i left my car, parking enforcment pulled up and wrote me a ticket for 30usd. Thats the second ticket in last 24 hours. And I couldnt even finish eating as the asshole officer had towing truck cruising around with him..
Went home to sleep, hopefully more shots tomorrow.

Day 239

Worked all day on pics. My buddy has his birthday so I went to downtown. Russiean girl woke up so I invited to join us. Sent Lyft car to pick her up. Was a fun evening with delicious dinner.
Took some shots of the russian girl


We drove to brickell and later I took her to the hostel. Before that I showed her around south beach. It was a nice evening!

Day 238

Worked on photos. Bulgarian girl canceled our teniss game and pool as she is spending a day with her boyfriend.
Worked some bits at the hostel. Met the russian girl and took her contacts cause we need her for a photoshoot before she leaves in couple days. Took her and some other girls to club and went home.