Day 219

Another bartending day at the hostel. Getting to the beach is miserabpe, so much traffic as it is friday in between the holidays.
After work went to club Treehouse with my friend from NY and a german guy from hostel.
Some guy in a Mustang called my name amd asked where Im going and if them boys could get in as they’re under 21. No idea who it was and how he knows me.
Club was quite full, nice music. The bartender was super sweet and of course she has a boyfriend. I have quite accepted the fact that there are no free girls in Miami but I still took my chances to ask and confirm.
Was quite tipsy when driving home, even did some drifting at some faster turns.
Highway was super wet and flaring like a mirror.


i-95 miami

Got home but fell asleep in the car. Woke up at 8am and went to sleep.


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