Day 222

Had a transfer of customers to MIA.


Traffic was horrible. Went back to the beach and worked at bulgarian girls smoothie shop. Then spent some time at vape shop.
Arranged to meet the new girl from my country. On my way to pick her up spotted the SUV my friend trom NY was driving. We agreed to go to the Freehand.  It was a nice night. I spent 12 bucks on beer and others spent huge amounts on cocktails. The girl I met has no papers so I try to keep mine a secret, I dont want anyone to meet me for the wrong reasons. I dont think she is into me at all. For me, well, Im not picky at all anymore, its Miami, no girls city, so Im like whatever. If a girl will be down for me for good reasons Im down. This doesnt look like its going anywhere, we’ll see.

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