Day 226

Went to change tire.
Saw a car fire on the road. The guy didnt know what happened. I know. He got oil or coolant on exhaust after someone was in accident in his car on day before. Friendly reminder – always keep 2 fire extinguishers in your car. This guy didnt have any.


car fires

spent like 4 hours on it as the previous owner put some security bolts and rhere was no lock for it in the car. Spent 150usd for 2 used tires.
My friend picked me up and we went to Palm Beach raceway for friday night dragrace.



Supercarweek dragrace at Palm Beach

We were a group of 10 people with cars, went for late night food in IHOP, all were nice people. Even a 19yo kid who’s dad is a billionare was acting really friendly and mature. Pleasant company!
Got home at 2am.

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