Day 227

Woke up late again.
Had a super nice breakfast. Feeling blessed!


Went to the beach as we needed to get some groceries for the hostel. When we got at Costco it was already closed. Bummer.
Went back to beach and watched how a parking enforcment guy called tow company and pulled away this Suburban


Tremont Towing Miami Beach

Thats most likely rental truck. He got 2 tickets for yellow line and wrong direction parking as well as 240usd for towing.. so over 300. And owner probably has no idea where his car is and whom to call and how to resolve. Welcome to the Beach.
Worked on some pics and went to Hollywood for a friends bday party at Dave&Busters. I found his car but couldnt find him inside. I waited for an hour for him to respond as inside DnB there is no network, then left. It was late already.
Tomorrow is huge event – Supercarweek supershow in west palm beach. I have plans to do the biggest video ever, so i picked up a gopro from my friend and charged all batterries and planned footage all night.

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