Day 228. Horrible sunday

I had to wake up at 7. Thought i just wouldn’t go to sleep at all as I was packing gear all night. But i did go to sleep at 5am and set some 15 alarms. Damn sure i didn’t hear them. Woke up at 1pm, missing the biggest Florida car show. I still had time so I thought I would go and just take some pictures at least. So I set off but my car’s tire was flat. This is definitely a bad day.
Went to autoparts store, got a compressor. It took 20minutes to get the tire 60% full. And then the vent just fell out and tire went completely out. What a beautiful day.


Brought back the compressor to the shop for refund. Bought some super glue and put the vent back in. Ate McDonald’s and a few cigarettes to let the glue dry and filled up the tire with gas station compressor. It worked. Got home and let the car just sit there as no tire shops work on sundays.
Im so disappointed in myself as everytime I want to do something big I just fail miserably. It gives me mental breakdown and I cant find motivation to do small things. I couldn’t even eat.
My friend picked me up and we went for a drive to half way to Naples in the middle if nowhere. Then went to my place to have a few beers and talk about our project.
Did some photo editing. Time for sleep, long week ahead.

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