Day 240

Had to finally work but didnt do much. Went to the beach to do some stuff at the hostel. There were 3 guys from my country, all of them talking to the russian girl J. We went to take some pics..


Suddenly car photography became boring!


She had a few photoshoots before so I believe it was super easy for me, we get along quite well and didnt have to talk much to get good shots. I definitely need a better camera and brighter lens.
We went to sandwicherie to take a croissant and back to hostel. As soon as i left my car, parking enforcment pulled up and wrote me a ticket for 30usd. Thats the second ticket in last 24 hours. And I couldnt even finish eating as the asshole officer had towing truck cruising around with him..
Went home to sleep, hopefully more shots tomorrow.

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