Monthly Archive:: January 2015

Day 228. Horrible sunday

I had to wake up at 7. Thought i just wouldn’t go to sleep at all as I was packing gear all night. But i did go to sleep at 5am and set some 15 alarms. Damn sure i didn’t hear them. Woke up at 1pm, missing the biggest Florida car show. I still had time so I thought I would go and just take some pictures at least. So I set off but my car’s tire was flat. This is definitely a bad day.
Went to autoparts store, got a compressor. It took 20minutes to get the tire 60% full. And then the vent just fell out and tire went completely out. What a beautiful day.


Brought back the compressor to the shop for refund. Bought some super glue and put the vent back in. Ate McDonald’s and a few cigarettes to let the glue dry and filled up the tire with gas station compressor. It worked. Got home and let the car just sit there as no tire shops work on sundays.
Im so disappointed in myself as everytime I want to do something big I just fail miserably. It gives me mental breakdown and I cant find motivation to do small things. I couldn’t even eat.
My friend picked me up and we went for a drive to half way to Naples in the middle if nowhere. Then went to my place to have a few beers and talk about our project.
Did some photo editing. Time for sleep, long week ahead.

Day 227

Woke up late again.
Had a super nice breakfast. Feeling blessed!


Went to the beach as we needed to get some groceries for the hostel. When we got at Costco it was already closed. Bummer.
Went back to beach and watched how a parking enforcment guy called tow company and pulled away this Suburban


Tremont Towing Miami Beach

Thats most likely rental truck. He got 2 tickets for yellow line and wrong direction parking as well as 240usd for towing.. so over 300. And owner probably has no idea where his car is and whom to call and how to resolve. Welcome to the Beach.
Worked on some pics and went to Hollywood for a friends bday party at Dave&Busters. I found his car but couldnt find him inside. I waited for an hour for him to respond as inside DnB there is no network, then left. It was late already.
Tomorrow is huge event – Supercarweek supershow in west palm beach. I have plans to do the biggest video ever, so i picked up a gopro from my friend and charged all batterries and planned footage all night.

Day 226

Went to change tire.
Saw a car fire on the road. The guy didnt know what happened. I know. He got oil or coolant on exhaust after someone was in accident in his car on day before. Friendly reminder – always keep 2 fire extinguishers in your car. This guy didnt have any.


car fires

spent like 4 hours on it as the previous owner put some security bolts and rhere was no lock for it in the car. Spent 150usd for 2 used tires.
My friend picked me up and we went to Palm Beach raceway for friday night dragrace.



Supercarweek dragrace at Palm Beach

We were a group of 10 people with cars, went for late night food in IHOP, all were nice people. Even a 19yo kid who’s dad is a billionare was acting really friendly and mature. Pleasant company!
Got home at 2am.

Day 225

Woke up late and went straight to hostel. We had lots of work to do. Finished half of it. The manager wants me to work at the bar after we finish building the sound system. Tomorrow is supercarweek day at palm beach raceway so im skipping work.
On my way home i noticed some oily puddle under my car. By the smell it seems like brake fluid or transmission fluid. I hope its not mine. Started to rain so i thought its time for drifting fun. On the first turn one of them tires went..


So i have two more car related problems.
Spent most of my evening just thinking about my goals and projects. Going to sleep at 6am.

Day 224

Spent whole day at home. Didnt do anything useful.
Got a lot of late bills and paid 500$ for my stupid decisions.
Internet is super horrible in the states.


Meanwhile some friends in my country get 1ms Ping time, 99mbps download/upload speed. Bravo Murica.
My friends went back to NY but called me today that they will move to Miami soon. Also talked about relationships which made me think how bad I hate my life and decisions Ive made regarding private life.
Didnt go to BMW meet as I decided to save some time and work on some projcets. Ended up spending endless hours reading about stupid BMW thermostats. Going to sleep at 7am. Unbelievable.

Day 223

woke up like 50 times at night, feeling sick, like a lot of my friends I met. Super boring day.
I got a phone call about a job, the recruiter sounded happy but I know how many webdevs in Miami are searching for a job so I dont put big hopes on it.


Sold my bicycle finally.
Met the former manager of the hostel, she is super nice spanish girl. With bf, but we do communicate now and then.
Sat in a traffic jam.
Nothing really great but ended the day nicely woth bbq burgers and beer, fantastic feeling.


Burgers n beer

Day 222

Had a transfer of customers to MIA.


Traffic was horrible. Went back to the beach and worked at bulgarian girls smoothie shop. Then spent some time at vape shop.
Arranged to meet the new girl from my country. On my way to pick her up spotted the SUV my friend trom NY was driving. We agreed to go to the Freehand.  It was a nice night. I spent 12 bucks on beer and others spent huge amounts on cocktails. The girl I met has no papers so I try to keep mine a secret, I dont want anyone to meet me for the wrong reasons. I dont think she is into me at all. For me, well, Im not picky at all anymore, its Miami, no girls city, so Im like whatever. If a girl will be down for me for good reasons Im down. This doesnt look like its going anywhere, we’ll see.

Day 221

Still tired from weekend. Went to the beach and had arrenged a beach visit with lithuanian girl from the hostel. It took me 40 minutes to realize I will never find a parking so I just left. Visited bulgarian girl and she told me she is about to hire a girl from my country.
Went to 81st street park beach and had two hours of fun in the ocean with this..



Lots of jellyfish in the water but I was lucky.
Went back to the beach and chilled at vape shop. Came back home and watched tv till some 2am. Everyone is tired and we didnt have a party even tomorrow everyone is off.

Day 220. Hangover

Woke up several times to get some water. Got out of bed at 5am and my friend’s husband’s dad made me breakfast..


peruvian breakfast

Went to the beach to clear my head.
Traffic is still horrible.


Went to vape shop for chillout, got some beer at the hostel and then chilled for a few hours in my car. Even it is junk status, it is so nice to have a car – your own space, comfortable, warm (its super windy outside today). Its definitely become a necessity for me.

Day 219

Another bartending day at the hostel. Getting to the beach is miserabpe, so much traffic as it is friday in between the holidays.
After work went to club Treehouse with my friend from NY and a german guy from hostel.
Some guy in a Mustang called my name amd asked where Im going and if them boys could get in as they’re under 21. No idea who it was and how he knows me.
Club was quite full, nice music. The bartender was super sweet and of course she has a boyfriend. I have quite accepted the fact that there are no free girls in Miami but I still took my chances to ask and confirm.
Was quite tipsy when driving home, even did some drifting at some faster turns.
Highway was super wet and flaring like a mirror.


i-95 miami

Got home but fell asleep in the car. Woke up at 8am and went to sleep.