Monthly Archive:: January 2015

Day 218

Went to hostel to work. At night some guy crashed his car into a post that took out internet for many businesses. When I arrived and started setting up everything to get hostel software running at least through phone internet, the line came up. Bartending and frontdesk stuff and then met some woman that I brought to airport a week ago. She has an overnight layover and really wanted to meet me. Sat outside the hostel, then went to sandwicherie. At 3am it was super busy. Some russians from Kazahstan were bumping their shitty music outside Sandwicherie even the manager and I told him to switch it off. Bunch of idiots.
Took the woman to the hotel she stays at and I went home.


meanwhile in my country everyone is getting wasted for days

Day 217. New years 2015

New year’s eve. 
Worked till 12.40 so no fireworks or anything. I bet there were no real fireworks anyway.
Went to downtown which took me avout an hour so I was late for the party in Marina Blu where I was invited. Walked to Bayside, got a hotdog, everyone was basically going home. Taxi ride from sowntown to beach costs 100 and to airport 150.
Met my friend from my country who lives in NY and we went to the beach. Sat outside a hotel bar around 9th street and Collins. Met some russians and another crazy guy from my country.
A lot of prostitutes and shemales walking around, just gross.


This gipsy woman giving flowers and asking for money didnt accept just a dollar and swiped card on her phone. Money begging 2015.
After some beers and pizza it was time to go home.

Day 216. Bartender

Woke up and got a text from hostel. They want me to work at the bar for 30th and 31st. Im always open to extra money so I agreed. This also cuts out the tough decision for new years eve – where to party.
Was quite nice, I also put on some of my dj mixes for background music.
After work cruised around ths city woth my friend who drove all the way down from Ny..