Monthly Archive:: February 2015

Day 274

In the morning tried to work on programming websites but didnt work out, task is too complex.
Went shopping for hostel.


Car is packed but driving around Miami in the sunshine is not bad at all ;)

Then worked as bartender. Fun job. Lots of new people. Maybe one day i will meet my wife here. Dreaming on.


Day 273

At home working on pics. Got a request for photoshoot. Will hopefully do next week.

Day 272

Nothing. Working at home.
Hood is full with cops chasing some shit. Chopper making circpes in the sky for 2 hours.


Day 271

Woke up at 9. Way too early. Spent half of day sitting in car drinking coffee, configuring audio player, fixed mirror cover, spamming with friends over the phone.
Weather is hot. I really should move to Orlando or something in the summer.
Spent all day at home doing small stuff. Really lazy.
Found out my biggest childhood love got engaged. Everyone’s getting married and babies and I’m here alone hitting 31 in a month. Shit gets really depressing.


Need to start selling or getting rid of all the camera tripods and what not. Taking up space..


Time to return to Miami! Orlando was really nice experience. Im having a hangover.


It was a long way but one of the reasons I agreed to stay till last day was that we would be more cars going back = more fun.
Its a 5 hour drive. One of the guys got a speeding ticket. 85mph on 70 limit = 255usd.
I got back home and took a nap.
In the evening I had to bring some people from FLL to hostel, then visited vape shop. Hadn’t seen them in a while! On way back home i noticed my v8 bmw is doing too good mpg fuel consumption – 31mpg for 4.4 liter engine is way too good. Something is not right here, my technical knowledge says its the advanced timing error and it can kill the engine. Have to drive carefully. To fix the error i have to spend more than the car is worth.
Late dinner and movie with friends and time for sleep.

Day 269

Car show.
We had to wake up at 6am. Since we did a few drinks at the hotel last night I literally slept just 4 hours.
Day was really hot. Event was kinda boring even if I was running arround taking photos and videos.


After event we spent an hour just looking for a place to eat, everywhere is a waiting line. In the end we went to place called Chillys. Food was nice, under 20usd. Paying was possible with a small computer on each table that even prints receipts.
The spanish girl said shes not in Orlando. I was about to go back to Miami, but the guys decided to stay another day. Just drinking and smoking weed. Some of them even had fake money. Received a message from the girl that she is coming back to Orlando and we could meet. So I got ready and we went to downtown. I really disliked Orlando until I saw the nightlife scene! They lock down streets, to enter you show your id and get a wristband. The streets were packed! Drinks were 2x cheaper than in Miami. We had fun! Got back to hotel at 4am. Don’t know if the girl has a boyfriend or something but she plays really safe. Also she is 22, i thought shes 25 at least considering the way she acts and talks.
Definitely made my trip to Orlando worth it!

Day 268

Friday. We’re going to Orlando to a car show. I applied as a media.


Trip was nice. We went to a preparty and i took some pics but the weather was horrible like 40 degrees. Reminds me why I really moved to Miami.
Was really hoping to meet the spanish girl that lives in Orlando but she said its too cold and didnt wanna go out.

Day 267

Brought my friends to airport. Super rainy morning. Traffic is bad.



Getting really cold here, like 60f.

Day 266

Everyone’s getting married and preagnant and i just get more bored of my life. Having second thoughts about staying in USA. If I do my plan and stay here 5 years to get a passport, it means I won’t find a wife to start a family. Yes I totally don’t see it happening in Miami. Ever.
Fixed my car’s speedometer, cruise control and everything that comes with it. Spent many hours working on my web project. Improving website load time from 7 seconds to 5. This is so boring.


Was rainy in the morning. Very cold in the evening. Weird weather.

Day 265

Hostel work. Bar was busy. I love it.
Met 4 people from my home country. beer time.
Postponed a lot of work I had to do today.
Watched The Interview movie. Not from beginning, like half way. Stupid movie.
My life is going thru some changes. I’m getting old.