Monthly Archive:: March 2015

Day 306

Sunday. Woke up at friends place in Brickell. No phone. Ecigarette was gone too. This day was a disaster. Like few months ago my phone was stolen. Working like a CSI for 4 days I was incredibly lucky to find the thief and get my phone back. But its past luck.
Yesterday again I got drunk and lost the phone in cab. All day  Idid everything I could do. Tracked it down until it was switched off. Went to work.
Analyzed location history in google and timings where the phone was. Having receipt from taxi (lucky to have it after blackout night) with cab no. and driver id I contacted few taxi drivers who were driving the cab and they said nothing. Taxi company never picks up phone either.
Some japanese girl from hostel left me her phone to use.


At late night after work I spent 3 hours driving around south beach in hopes to find the actual cab. Wanted to just go to Treehouse and get drunk as it was good djs playing there. At 5am just when i just gave up and headed home – taxi no 3294 passed me. He had a customer inside so I followed him from south beach to downtown to club E11even. Showed him receipt and searched the car. How incredibly lucky I am to find the phone right under the seat 23 hours later after losing it??  God is playing weird games! Went home at 6am happy!

Day 305

Went to work. On my way I noticed rear window getting dirty. More and more. Switched on Torque app and noticed the coolant temps way too high. My worst suspicion was true I was leaking coolant for 10 miles on the highway. Stopped in kiddle of nowhere, checked and damn right the big hose coming from radiator popped off. Lost 2 gallons out of 3. Thank god I had 2 gallons of coolant in the trunk. Filled up, got to gas station and filled up more. Parked the car and left it.
Still tired from Thursdsy. Today is my favorite dj John Digweed playing at Treehouse nightclub, my friend booked a table for 500. I quit work at 1.30am, even there were people outside the bar but noone was buying anything, slowest night ever.
Went to the club and it was amazing! It was so packed but since we had our own tabke it was comfortable. Perfect modern rave party!


I got pretty drunk too. I remember we sat in a taxi and went to friends place and I forgot my phone in the cab I guess but was too drunk to do anything about it.

Dat 304

Friday. Woke up with big headache. Went to Braman BMW dealership to pick up broken part and fixed my car.


My friend dj who was supposed to play at bar invited to a private home party in Fisher Island. Would be cool but its Ultra weekend and I better work. He went to the party. Lots of drugs but they said its the best party they’ve been to. Worked til 3am as it was super busy.


Day 303

Thursday. Was supposed to go to a poolparty but I woke up at 2 and then my employer bothered me. Eh.
Started working on my car and found a big coolant leak. Its incredible how the part held the pressures as from plastic it had turned into paper..


The part just split so I stopped and went with my friend to work at bar at 6pm and worked really late. My friends said the poolparty was just amazing. My fam picked me up and we went to Brickell for a birthday party. In Blu Martini they play 90% latin songs so I was a bit out of place. I just got drunk.

Day 302

Since I was late on road, my employer said i can work from home but i need to do 5 hours. I couldn’t accomplish that, had to go work at the bar. Dealing with payment system support for hours again. It just breaks my nerves. But got it fixed. Also dealing with bunch of idiots that bring their own alcohol to the bar. Owner said its ok let them poor bastards drink as they pay a 3x rate for this week that is winter music festival, spring break AND miami beach 100th birthday. My nerves break further because of all the brazilians and what not who just cant take a drink if there is no ice. We dont serve ice. But everyone keeps asking “can i get a cup of ice?” Just go to Canada for god sake.


At 2am went home and started programming. Finished at 7am.

Day 301

Tuesday. Went to office to work a bit. Horribly cold office. Going out to smoke every 30minutes to catch some sun and warm up. After finished office work I headed to beach to work at bar. Met quite a few guys from my home country. Two of them well known deejays. Work was slow as cash register system was down and I spent 7 hours on telephone calls trying to fix it. Stayed very late at work, eating pizza and drinking jack.


Seriously I am working two jobs now? Its good for a run but just got me thinking. .

Day 300

Spent all day in house. Worked on some photos. Had to work on websites but some laziness is holding me back. Didnt have cigarettes but just couldnt start programming so I went to gas station to pick up. Stupid addiction.
Worked for an hour. Then it was late evening already and I drove to my friends place as we have to finish our photoshoots pics. 5 hours later I was done.


Lamborghini Murci and Gallardo rolling in a Need 4 speed theme

Went to south beach to meet my friends and possibly the japanese girl who is visiting Miami but she already went to sleep and is leaving tomorrow.
Since I have affection for eastern girls I opened up WeChat app that is biggest asian people network and started chatting with some girls from Miami.
Called my mom as she has birthday today. Hopefully I will cisit my country in 3 months.

Day 299

Went to Costco for suppkies and then to my friends “baby shower”. He is living in Plantation, amazing big house with pool and 2 garages. Costs same amount as a 2bed apartment in south beach. Was a really nice time, played volleyball and ate some delicious food. There were a lot of cute girls too. But I had to leave early to go to the beach for work.


Its like an hour away. Stopped by miami beach golf course for quick photos of some last cars at an exotic event.
Working at bar was slow. Not so many people and another friend of mine was deejaying some darj electronic music that made me and everyone sleepy.
Talked to some japanese girls from NY. The cutest was actually 36 years old. Really fun girl. Too bad she goes back to NY in 2 days.
Still hyped about yesterdays photoshoot!


Lamborghini exotic cars and jet at our photoshoot

Day 298

Sarurday. Exotic photoshoot. One of the best things done so far!



Really enjoyed shooting this.
Went to work at the bar in the evening.
My friend dj was completely drunk and couldnt play. He also is fighting with his gf and saying she is boring. I see him making my mistakes but I just cant help him. I wasn’t listening to anyone when I had a chance.
Went to sleep at 4am. Really this schedule is intense.

Day 297

Went shopping supplies. Then met my friend. We are doing photoshoot tomorrow with exotic cars and jets. Rented some pro camera lens and trying them out and planning shots.
Went to work at bar. My friend playing amazing music at the bar, my feet are dead from dancing at the bar ;D
Worked till 2am. Arranged everything for tomorrow photoshoot and went to sleep at 3am.