Day 305

Went to work. On my way I noticed rear window getting dirty. More and more. Switched on Torque app and noticed the coolant temps way too high. My worst suspicion was true I was leaking coolant for 10 miles on the highway. Stopped in kiddle of nowhere, checked and damn right the big hose coming from radiator popped off. Lost 2 gallons out of 3. Thank god I had 2 gallons of coolant in the trunk. Filled up, got to gas station and filled up more. Parked the car and left it.
Still tired from Thursdsy. Today is my favorite dj John Digweed playing at Treehouse nightclub, my friend booked a table for 500. I quit work at 1.30am, even there were people outside the bar but noone was buying anything, slowest night ever.
Went to the club and it was amazing! It was so packed but since we had our own tabke it was comfortable. Perfect modern rave party!


I got pretty drunk too. I remember we sat in a taxi and went to friends place and I forgot my phone in the cab I guess but was too drunk to do anything about it.

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