Monthly Archive:: May 2015

Day 367

woke up super late and went to work 1.5hours late. Thank god my boss didnt complain. But I have a problem with our programmer who doesnt wanna listen to me. Hopefully our new teammate will resolve this as he seems the most experienced one and very good in communication.
Worked some more and then went with my friends to do some photos..


I think I am actually getting bored of shooting cars. At least still shots. I get bored of everything eventually. Wondering what should I do with my life to feel really happy..
My friends brother has wedding tomorrow and today they are doing rehearsal. What the hell is that for? Really people you wanna invite 300 people and make everyone so jealous that you have to show off your wedding so perfect that you do it twice? My friend said it is normal in USA. Oh well.. I hope I dont raise my kids in this country.
Talked with my russian “girlfriend” till 5am.

Day 366


Started looking for options how can I marry a U.S. non-resident. Turns out there are not really useful options. Unless my “spouse” has a student or work visa she can stay only for tourist visa period of 6 months. But applying for green card with being spouse to permanent resident (non citizen) has quota and waiting list is around 5 years. Fantastic.
This is not looking good at all anymore. I guess we will figure it out during next year if it is worth it.


Rain season is kicking in. In the morning there was not a single cloud. Sky so blue. So i opened my sunroof to let the heat outside and went to work. An hour later of course a downpour began. Go figure Florida.

Day 365

A year around!

Bworked at office and later at the hostel bar. Found out I cannot marry my russian girl and get her a green card. Turns out only citizens can do it. Here we go..

Ugky car for no reason.

Day 364


Went to work and was 20minutes late. Turned out I was the first there.
Wasnt as great as planned but wasnt bad either. Its weird for me to give tasks to a guy thats way older than me.
After work went home and spent hours dealing with cameras and trying to repair my camera flash.  No success. Waited for my russian girl to wake up and talk a bit and went to sleep.

Day 363

Its memorial day. Everyone is off but I went to office to meet my boss and talk out details about the project. I have to take the lead of our project and manage work for another employee. Too bad salary stays the same.


Went with my buddy to test out cameras. Somehow he managed to kill my new flash light.
My friends at home made a bbq.


We stayed out til 4am. A lot of drama (girls without papers and their boyfriends stories) almost everyone was upset at some point. Except me. I was talking with my russian girl all night. We really got something.

Day 361

Went to Sunny Isles. Found a park right before. 4 bucks entrance. In middle of greater Miami – a park! With gravel roads!

I used the opportunity to slide around a bit. Also walked around forests that were full of mointain bikers. Really nice looking forest. Then walked around the bay as well..


Have to say very pleased to find some nature in Miami!
Later went to Sunny Isles to find some food. Found a few russian places and it was delicious!
Also met two girls I know.
At the same time we have been getting very close with the russian girl and planning thatvshe would move here within half a year. And we’re considering Sunny Isles as it would be easier and closer to our culture.

Day 360

Went to work. My boss wants me to take the lead of the project. And cancel my ticket for summer vacation, postpone till end of june. Well i did it. Lost some 40 bucks in all kinds of transaction fees though. Ridiculous is the banking system. Here.
In the evening browsed craigslist and stumbled upon a camera kit. 2 cameras, flash, and a 600$ lens. All together for 800. I went to Sunny Isles and 700 dollars later it was mine!
In the evening went to a club to test out the cameras and flash on employees and visitors..

Day 359

Bought tickets to my home country for summer. Went to south vape.

Day 358

Usual work at the office. At least I get paid. And I bought a new lens AND a camera. I hope I dont fail to sell them cause now I have 3 cameras already and about 15 lens.


My russian girl is saying she loves me but is scared about moving that she might miss home in a few months and that might change things up a bit. It really got me thinking. Family I am living with is far from perfect. The wife is always a childish girl, unhappy and complaining and disappointed. No matter how her husband treats her she will always find something to complain about. They have been married for a few years I think and it looks like a disaster. But she has nowhere to go. She doesnt have a family at all. I dont know whats going on there but it is a mess.
Now my russian girl is from a very healthy family, living together with loving parents in Moscow. If she moves here and marries me – how big is a chance that she will be happy with me after a few months when she will realize the bad sides of Miami and starts to miss her family? Im not sure if I will ever live back in my home country again ( though I am going to vacation there soon) but I think Im pretty sure not gonna live in Moscow either. So what if she is not ready to leave Moscow and her family forever? Would I waste another few years? Thats how life happens in Miami. Strangers united but still strangers. I guess we will just see how it goes. I am visiting her in summer and she plans to visit me twice in winter and see where it takes us. So far we are happy about each other.