Monthly Archive:: June 2015

Day 389

Went to Chipotle and Costco to shop a few supplies for hostel.
Some old fat black whore was showing her vagina to customers in TV room and asking for money. When police was called she told that the guys wanted to rape her. Not a drynk dead maniacs corpse would want to rape that thing. It was hard to remove her from the property because she is black and cops are white and right now situation in USA is horrible. In the end she asked to take her to jail as she had no money to stay anywhere else.

Went to the beach! Finally! Tanned for some hour. Went to south vape. Got to get ready for my vacation and order some juice..
Worked on photos from drift and lambo shoots.



Day 388

Lambo photoshoot 2. Went on a trip from Boca Raton to Naples to a cafe to est burgerd snd drink beer. This is very cool experience. All the guys are friendly, most of them are from Vietnam.




We even got some cash for shooting the cars. I think we need to plan out some charity event or something positive from this. People stop in traffic, follow along the route, just to take photos of exotic cars. Definitely best car experience in Miami.

Day 387

Went to work, while one of our old employees was fired and giving us hard time, thr new guy is working really fast and organized. He also wants to talk to boss to keep me there and working remotely while Im on my europe vacation.
After work I went shoping to spend my birthday gift card. Later went to a carmeet of my friends.


Day 386

Car is pissing me off. Pulls to the right quite heavy for a week now and getting worse every day. Lifted up and yes the front wheel has deformed.


Took to tire service, changed and life is back again. Went to work. Was a nice day. After work went shopping to Marshalls to spend my gift card.
Gotta start packing.

Day 385

After work went to south beach and to South Vape to get some vape juice. Ended up staying there a few hours.
Will need tons of juice for my europe trip.


South vape

Getting really nervous. I still dont have tickets but im leaving in a week. Finished pics and article for drift and applied for next round. If I get approved I will go to New Jersey before going to europe.

Day 383

Worked and then just home. Theres some heavy drama at home so I went to search for food. Stopped at place called Wendy’s. Same shit as McDonald’s.  Ughh.
Worked hours on photos til 4am. My girl busy with something, no idea what. Considering all the drama in Miami I become skeptical towards relationships.


Getting really bored of Miami.

Day 382

Big headache. Thought maybe its the AC in house. Went out to the beach. Chilled at hostel and south vape..


Got some pills to kill the headache, then 7-Eleven coffe



Rain kicks on and off every hour. Really dont like this miami weather..
Went home to work. Stayed up til 5.30am. Guess what, didnt work a second. I hate my laziness. Thats why I am broke.

Day 381

Spent all day in bed talking to my girl.
My friends dad made nice lunch as always.


Stayed up late working on car photos. Got a headache. I hope its not the virus that everyone is having.

Day 380

Work went well. I feel like im part of team not just random worker.
After work I went to the beach and brought a door to hostel. Hardly fit in my car

Then to my friends apartment in Brickell.


Chilled til night. Wanted to work on photos but it is never a productive atmosphere.