Day 391

Back in my country this is midsummer and 23/24 of June is a national celebration. My friend decided to make a small party at his boss’s place and invite many eastern europeans who celebrate this.
I went to Boca Raton to meet one guy and sell one canon camera. I still have 3 cameras left.
On my way back almost got into crash. Its standard situation- drive on highway and suddenly all traffic stops for few seconds. The car in front of me didn’t brake and got all messed up crashing into 2 cars in front. Thank god I managed to avoid the crash.
One girl couldn’t get to the party so I went after her. Wanted to fill up gas in my local gas station. It’s been like a month that is getting worse and eirse. Whenever I pull in the gas station some blacks come up to me and ask for money and trying to sell CDs. This time I didn’t even get out of the car as I saw them walking to me when I still hadn’t stopped. Pulled right out of there. Fuck you. I’m becoming a racist for a reason.
Went to the party. We were like 15 people from east Europe. I was the last to arrive but jumped into pool first. That is how I spent most of the party – in pool drinking beer.


Felt a bit drunk when getting home. Bad l.

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