Day 393

Thursday. Last working day.
Work went well and employer agreed that I can work remotely for a while.


After work went to Aventura to buy some vape atuff. I found ebay seller and sent him message and we just met inside the mall and exchanged cash for goods. Then went a stripclub on Biscayne blvd to drink with couple friends. Felt disgusting and stressed cause I didn’t want the girls to approach me but they did. I kept telling them I am just drinking with friends¬† and flying to my wife yomorrow. The stripper said I am in the wrong place. I said her she is in the wrong place.
Went outside and some stripper from club was smearing and denting up my friends car with no permission.


We did drink a lot and later went to Bodega. Great club, great tacos. I just didnt feel right anywhere as I wanna se my girl more and more.

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