Daily Archive

Day 375

I forgot my car keys in my friends car so I couldnt leave the house. And I didnt want to. Shooting sports events is tiring so I spent all day in bed. Talking to my girl.

Day 374

Drift finals day. We missed start of practice as my partner wanted to sleep more and eat. There was a huge traffic line to the track. Just one entrance. We drove opposite direction around everyone and just showed our bracelets for media so we saved probably morr than hour waiting in line. But we almost got in trouble cause my friend wanted just to drive past security and drive in vendor area.
Day was hot and all day long again walking with cameras. My friend stopped shooting at some point. I kept goibg cause I wanna do my best.
Rained again. Good thing I had friends there with a bus where I could hide.


my friends are rookies this year and learned the hard way that every sports has its politics. The expected this years champion was driving against my friend in top32 battle and my friend was disqualified for no reason. He was told not to expect much in first two years championship.


After event ended we rushed back to Miami as my friend didnt wanna stay there longer. The best part in these events for me is after event spending time and drinking beer with participants. Oh well. Four hours later I was home to finally get off dirty clothes and take shower. Best feeling.

Day 372

Formula Drift is here. After work we set out to Orlando. Found out that no photographers are let on inside the track so we will have to shoot far away from fence. Bummer.
Arrived in Orlando really late. Checked in at Days Inn. Omg its a motel. Says no smoking. But rooms smell like cigarettes. As all the reviews did say too.
We went to some local club. UCF is nearby so it was full of young people. In short – a lot of white girls mostly underage twerking their asses to black guys to hiphop music. Outside students playing beerpong. Wild. I wouldn’t want my kids grow up here :)
Got some beers, met two friends from my home country, they are watching drift too.
Everyones smoking weed. Except me.


Day 371

Tuesday. Honey woke me up at 9am but I just stayed in bed til 12.
At work was kinda slow.
In the evening went to south beach to get some vapor juice and meet some friends.
At home didnt do nothing useful, my room is a mess and my mind is blowing up. So stressed. These papers for my girl, the AC in our house, upcoming trip to europe, upcoming trip to Orlando, 6hour sleep over last few days, drinking way too much coffee. Yeah. Im losing mind here.


Day 370

Boring dsy at work. Didnt sleep much. Didnt eat much. Stressed out trying to figure how to get my russian girlfriend here. Talking a lot with my friends who came here illegally and eventually got papers.


Everyone wants to come to Miami. I am thinking whether its worth staying? It is a good place to earn money for sure, but its just… Miami.

Day 369

Disnt go anywhere. Didnt do anything. Lazy.

Day 368

My friend also got approval for media drift event in Orlando next week so we gonna go shooting with pros. Spent all day talking with my russian girl and future plans. We really like each other but this USA immigration system is giving us hard time. We are looking at spending at least 25k usd to just “fix papers”. Until i am a citizen i cannot do much. And i will not be a citizen at least till 2019.
Went to vapor expo on the beach and later in the evening went to Furniture club and South Vape..


Im thinking about quitting vaping as the juice costs me like 10usd a day..

Day 367

woke up super late and went to work 1.5hours late. Thank god my boss didnt complain. But I have a problem with our programmer who doesnt wanna listen to me. Hopefully our new teammate will resolve this as he seems the most experienced one and very good in communication.
Worked some more and then went with my friends to do some photos..


I think I am actually getting bored of shooting cars. At least still shots. I get bored of everything eventually. Wondering what should I do with my life to feel really happy..
My friends brother has wedding tomorrow and today they are doing rehearsal. What the hell is that for? Really people you wanna invite 300 people and make everyone so jealous that you have to show off your wedding so perfect that you do it twice? My friend said it is normal in USA. Oh well.. I hope I dont raise my kids in this country.
Talked with my russian “girlfriend” till 5am.

Day 366


Started looking for options how can I marry a U.S. non-resident. Turns out there are not really useful options. Unless my “spouse” has a student or work visa she can stay only for tourist visa period of 6 months. But applying for green card with being spouse to permanent resident (non citizen) has quota and waiting list is around 5 years. Fantastic.
This is not looking good at all anymore. I guess we will figure it out during next year if it is worth it.


Rain season is kicking in. In the morning there was not a single cloud. Sky so blue. So i opened my sunroof to let the heat outside and went to work. An hour later of course a downpour began. Go figure Florida.