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Day 2

In my hostel i share with a guy from Italy who has work visa and is having lifeguard classes but leaving 2 days later. And a guy from Brazil who is living here without papers. I woke up at 6am because of the AC, the room was freezing.

I take a quick walk to the beach and time for some quick shopping for small necessary stuff. Time flies. Found some bigger grocery stores to prove that some better food can be found yay!! Still soon enough I get weak and taste my first fast food at Subway’s. Got back to do some work and decide to go to get my SSN but time goes quick and its 5pm. I get on the bus to take a 1.5hour ride to Sunrise to meet a friend at tuning garage Kab Customs. Do I need to tell how bus rides are terribly boring? All blocks are the same, same shops, same type of buildings, no landscape views or anything unusual. 20min walk from bus to the garage and I’m back in automotive world. We drive to a car shop for parts and I am surprised that they are much bigger than in my country, you can buy everything! On our way back we drive through Wendy’s. Yes I am weak again and order a burger combo. Dammit! Back in the car garage time goes fast and I get back on a night bus back to hotel. My attempts to do some work stuff is useless, day was looong.

Bo goes to Hollywood. Day 1

Day 1
Flights are short, connection in Copenhagen, total trip to Fort Lauderdale (FLL) is about 16 hours.

Did you know there is Hollywood at FLL? :)
Arrived at the airport. Passport control as usual, no less than 30 minutes. Soon after the officer found out my green card was in california – i was sent to immigration office to check my file. Of course there were a lot of people already dealing with their issues – somebody “lost” their card, somebody forgot it, somebody just got dumped by wife thus losing the green card.

After a while  (about an hour) I was let through and answered a couple of questions. Yay, I escape the airport!

Then thankfully I was picked up by a fellow friend from my country and got to my hostel. A little walk to local 24hour shop and back to sleep.